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An Historical Account of the Late Disturbance - 6

some went so far as to say, that it was given to Savage Indians, who were at this Time rioting in all the Plenty that so great and Fertile a Province could afford; notwithstanding their Perfideous Outrages, on the Poor back Inhabitants their Wives and defenceless Children. Their Grievances by Information is at length to be laid before the Honourable Governor, and House of Representatives, and undoubtedly from so just a Constitution will receive the just Merits of their Cause, which we hope in due Time will be made Manifest and openly publish’d.

THESE Things are the Effects of succouring a Savage Nation, who Wolflike for these many Years have been Murdering and Destroying Poor defenceless People; and all they had thro’ out our Frontiers, and when driven to Extremity for want of Cloathing or Victuals, they then propose a Treaty with our People, who generously complies with almost every Things they say and want, then the next Step will be, give them some Thousands of Pounds in Cloathing, Arms, Ammunition, and in short every Thing they can say that they have

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