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An Answer to the Pamphlet Entitled "The Conduct of the Paxton Men" - 9

present Constitution of Government, when he sayeth;---they looked upon it as their duty, viz. (The Paxton Men) to Administer such Remedies, however severe they might “be looked upon, by some, as might raise her drooping Head, and restore her to Health and Vigour.”---What Measures where they, certainly Murdering the Indians at Lancaster; collecting into a Body with Guns, Swords, and Tomahawks, in Contempt of all Authority; vowing Death to the Indians in the Barraks, and a total extinction to the very Being of Government. Well but they were disappointed,---and the Quakers had a hand in it; For the Readers Satisfaction, I recommend to his perusal, a Piece lately Published Entituled a Vindication of the Quakers Proceeder in Philadelphia, with regard to the safety of the Indians, where they Matter is set in a clear Light. This writer Caluminates the Quakers, when it is some of his own Kidny, that has been the hateful Agressors. Did not a Colony from New England settle on Lands, unpurchased of the Indians, in Contempt of Government and contrary to all Rules of Equity? And did not his Honour, the Governor Issue out several Proclamations, and forbid all his Majesty’s Subjects to act in such a prefidious Manner; warning them to turn off the Lands, under the severst Penalties? And did not the Indians declare to them, that the Lands were theirs, and if they did not turn out of their Land, they would certainly drive them off, or kill them on the spot? And did they not stay there in spite of all this, untill the Indians Scalp’d some of them? (Where those Quakers, I answer no) I believe they were Pres-

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