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An Answer to the Pamphlet Entitled "The Conduct of the Paxton Men" - 27

redicule their Friends, pay no regard to Laws moral or Divine. Then behold! this Letter Writer sayeth, it is acommendable Virtue without which they will never be valued or respected: I am sure I have done this Author no other diskindness on my Definition of this Paragraph; but to expose his notorious Nonsense. I expect this little Book when it comes into the World, will meet Men of three opinions; the one may think I have been too smart on the Presbyterians, the other may say its but what they deserve, and the third will hardly have any Patience to read a single Page. The Reader may see I have run over the whole, and here and there make a Remark: But in Truth, they are buth slightly touch, if Life and Health Permitted: I could write a Volume upon it, shewing the Authors Envy and Folly; in such a Manner that it would disgrace him to all Intents and Purposes: However, I am spared, that Pains, for his own Work, will come nearly to the same thing; I say as I was inspecting into the Charges against the Quakers, I found myself, as I thought under a Necessity to mention some Facts against the Presbyterians, that the impartial Reader may judge as he finds Things stand in an obvious Manner either for one or the other of the two Societies: And that he may be the better enabled to determine upon the Whole, and judge for himself, which Societies Members may be the fitest for

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