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An Answer to the Pamphlet Entitled "The Conduct of the Paxton Men" - 25

therefore by the validity of these two Evidences and according to the Form in Law, I shall pass Sentence on him; and do hereby Pronounce in a sollid manner, the Authro of this Letter I now have under my Notice to be a Stark Naked Presbyterian, Page 22, 23. Here he seems to be somewhat mift’d at the Author of the Narrative, for calling the killing of the Indians murder; and wants to know, who made him Judge or Jury, &c. I shall let him know their wants neither Judge nor Jury in that Affair: such like Actions as that at Lancaster has been condemned by the express Name murder, some thousand of Years past. Numb. 35. v. 16. And if a Man smite another, with an Instrument of iron, (so that he die), he is a murderer: The murderer shall surely be put to Death. Is not the Barrel of a Gun Iron? and is not that the principle Part of the Machine? and are not the Tomahawks Iron? and did they not kill the Indians with those very weapons? ergo; This cannot be denied, well then, I assert it is prov’d that the Paxton People did murder the Indians at Lancaster? the Author has Quoted one Passage in the Bible, and other in the Apocriphy, which I conceive he has brought for no other Purpose than to palliate the Horrid perfidy of the Paxton Men, in shewing us that there was two People in former Times that did make use of Treachery, though it was in Cases quite

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