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An Answer to the Pamphlet Entitled "The Conduct of the Paxton Men" - 21

Man’s Works can have any other Design or Tendency, then to sow the seeds of Discord and Disention amongst his Neighbours: Is it possible that it can be of any service to any one soul on Earth. A Thing that is stuft full of Malicious Sentences, a Thing that has all the leneaments of Spite, Hatried, Malice, bitterness of Heart, Destraction, open Violation to the Laws and Government. A Man that is not ashamed to declare to the World, that the Actions above mentioned in that one Man is worse, (that is) he deserve a more grievous punishment, then if he had murdered twenty of his Neighbours in cool blood, I can’t find the Lawyer stands indited for one more then that he in Print has propigated groundless and wicked Insinuations among the Germans, and for that deserveth D------h, what then doth this Letter Writer deserves? who has been guilty of the like Crime, and of a ten Times worse Consequence: I say he has psat Sentence on himself, and must stand condemned in the Judgment of all good Men, to all Intents and Purposes. Page the 23 he tells us that the Author of Cato’s Letters very justly observes that, viz. It is a most wicked and absurd to say, that a People can ever be in such a Situation as not to have right to oppose a Tyrant, a Robber or a Traytor, who by Violence, Treachery, Rapine, Infinate murders and Devestations has deprived them of safety and protection, &c. This Author could mean no other here, but those who had the Reins of Government in their Hands, it represents the very Situation our happy People were in, when the Mob (as this Writer calls them) were coming down; it really con-

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