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An Answer to the Pamphlet Entitled "The Conduct of the Paxton Men" - 15

make use of any of the above Expressions to Cromwel or his Army (though I find nothing like it in any of his Writings) for I conceive the Quakers Principles took place by degrees. They first saw one thing wrong and then another: And by acting according to what they saw to be their Duty, they at length became acquainted with every Part that constituted a sound religious Society of People. And amongst the many that joined them, there was some of the Soldiery part; and those were Men of good Caracters, they were zealous for what they thought right, and some were convinced inpart of the Quakers Principles: But for a Time did not see, its their Duty to lay down their Arms, but stood as valiant Soldiers for their Lives and Liberties. That was the Case with George Bishop, whome this Writer mentions, he was a Captain in the Parliament Army: And in that Station manifested his Loyalty to the best of his Knowledge to detect and suppress every thing that might obstruct thee, then hope for peaceable Government. But this was before he became established in the Quakers Principles, he afterwards laid down his Sword, enter’d into Community with them, and became as faithful a Warrior for his God as he had been a Soldier in the Parliament Army. And was the Author of a Book entituled, New-England Judged. In which he has set forth the Cruelty and Barbarity of this Authors Brethren, while they had the Reins of Government in their Hands.-----I would advise him to get one of those Books, and read it through with good Attention, I believe it might be of more service to him, then his News-Papers. This is a small

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