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An Answer to the Pamphlet Entitled "The Conduct of the Paxton Men" - 13

Now I come to consider that Part, where he affirmeth, that it can be proved, the first Quakers took up Arms, and fought well too upon many other Occasions; the first Man he mentions, is George Keith: Where he sayeth page 9. Whoever will take the trouble to read the printed Tryals of George Keith, will find, that when a Quaker Sloop belonging to this province, was formerly taken by some pirates; and finding it impossible to save both the Sloop and their so much cried up principles &c. Opposed Force to Force, retook their Vessel: This paragraph contains both Nonsense and Contradiction i.e. A Quaker Sloop, what can he mean by that? Doth he call the Sloop a Quaker, or doth he suppose the Owner was a Quaker? Well, but he doth not tell us, whether the Mariners were Quakers or what they were. But thats not all, for he sayeth the Sloop was taken; (observe) and after it was taken, (here is the Cunning) they found it impossible to save it (I believe so), and their so much cryed up principles against outward Force. Now I ask this Writer, how it was possible for the Captain of that Sloop to deliver up his sole Right of that to the pirate? (which was the Case if he had taken it) And still retain his sole property in that Vessel. And after it became the others property fight and save it: But he tells neither Book or page, therefore I shall take no more Notice of it: But shall inform the Reader that George Keith though once in Community with the Quakers, was afterwards disown’d by them, and wrote against them and their principles; out of which Book this Writer hath undoubtedly fetch’d this Quotation. I

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