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An Address to the Rev. Dr. Alison - 47

your Circular Letters, and sent your Emissaries throughout the Province, representing a Royal Government, as oppressive and tyrannical? Have you not for this very Purpose, prostituted your Churches and Houses, erected alone for the Worship of God, to hold your dirty Cabals, and to lay your Plans for carrying into Execution the Schemes of your Political Matters? These Things have eradicated from your Hearts, that Apostolical Meekness and Simplicity, which eveir distinguished the Conduct of our Divine Instructor, and which ever must be the chief Ornament of his true Ministers. You have left the Paths of Virtue, and become Promoters of Vice; you have exchanged true Religion for deceitful Politicks; for as you have used them they may be justly defin'd, Ars non tam regendi quam fallendi hominem.You have exchanged Brotherly Love, Peace and Goodwill towards your Neighbours, for Envy, Malice and Falsehood. In fine, was I to search the Defects of human Nature through, it would be impossible to find any Thing more inconsistent with the Principles of Christianity, than the whole of your late Conduct. Could you expect then that the divine Author of all Goodness, Virtue, Meekness, Charity and universal Benevolence, would bless the feeble and insincere Endeavours of such, Instruments? If these divine Truths, or the Spirit of the Author of all true Religion, ever touched your Hearts, be exhorted to turn from the Evil of your Ways, like the prodigal Son, and repent in Dust and Ashes, that you may find Acceptance; for you cannot "serve God and Mammon too."



Page 10, line 9, for [the] read [they] Page 11, line 5 from the Bottom, for [Cities] read [Counties] Page 13, line 28, for 29, read 22.

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