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An Address to the Rev. Dr. Alison - 46

them with the deepest Sorrow, to find that you are Men who have been guilty of the Crime I have described.

Is it wonderful, then, "that you have been able to do Nothing (as you observe) to spread the Gospel either among the Indians or Europeans?" Have you taken even a probable Method of promoting the Truths of the blessed Gospel?— It is justly observed by a great and good Divine, that Persons in your Offices have Occasion for their whole Time, to employ it "in Study, Labour, and the Performance of their Duty, and that all the Powers of Humane Nature are scarcely sufficient to discharge it fully." I make a solemn Appeal to your own Consciences: Have your Actions of late, discovered any Sense of this Truth; to you an important Truth? Have you not, instead of endeavouring to spread the Gospel, and laying out your Talent in a profitable Merchandize, been entering into the Intrigues of the World, and the Hurry of Politics? Has not your Time been engrossed in the Works of Ambition, in paying court to the Great, and in learning and executing their wicked Artifices? Has it not been employed in the Invention of Falsehoods, to calumniate a religious Society of People, who have been long the Objects of your Envy and Hatred? Has it not been employed in forming the most vile Untruths, to cover the most horrid Crimes, and to rescue from Punishment, Rebels against the Government, and the Murderers of the Innocent under it's Protection? Has it not been employed in promoting Party Feuds and irreconcileable Discord among the People? In writing, and encouraging the writing of false and infamous Libels, dectructive of the Reputation of your honest Neighbours, which to them is more valuable than Life? Have you not submitted your Judgments and Consciences to the Direction of the Proprietary Politicians, and busied yourselves in rendering the immediate Government of your Sovereign odious and detestable to his honest and faithful Subjects? Have you not wrote

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