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An Address to the Rev. Dr. Alison - 35

brought down after the Moravian Tribes.—These Indians were lately in the Barracks, and if any of them were in the Engagement of Munsey-Hill, why have you not informed the Government and proved the Fact? —I call on you to do it yet. And if you do not, will not all Men unite in determining that your Delight is Falsehood and Defamation, and that you are, notwithstanding your religious Professions, lost to all Sense of Morality and Religion?

BUT suppose some of those Indians were brought down with the Wighalousin Tribe. The Censure cannot remain with the Quakers,—for this Transaction which you have wickedly imputed to them was also the Act of the Government. These poor Indians, most of whom are converted to the Christian Faith, being our Friends, and apprehensive of Danger, not only from the violent Rage of the Frontier Inhabitants, but from the Enemy Indians; sent Messengers down to treat with the Governor respecting their State of Insecurity. And in their Conferences with him, intreated the Protection of the Government, and requested that they might come down and live among us. —The Governor convinced of their Sincerity, warmly recommended, the Matter to the Assembly, who agreed to the Measure, and to provide for them during their Residence among us. This will appear from the following Message, viz.

"I lay before you the Minutes of several Conferences I have held with Papounan, and some other Indians, who live at Wighalousin, on the River Sasquehanna. I have no Reason to doubt that they have disclosed to me all that they really know of the present State of the Indian War, and of the Causes assigned by the Enemy Indians in their Neighbourhood for their renewing Hostilities against us.—They have intimated to me that they, and a few others, with whom they are connected, being really our sincere Friends, are uneasy at their present Situation, and would incline to come and

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