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An Address to the Rev. Dr. Alison - 31

MURDER! —But I am persuaded this Writer, with all his Ingenuity, will find it too hard a Task to prove it Murder."—Now, to convince this absurd Author, and another equally absurd who dates his Letter from Elizabeth-Town, that it is not so hard a Task, nor does require so much Ingenuity as they represent, to prove that the Killing of the Indians was properly and justly called Murder, I shall give them the following Extract from a new Work, entitled, Lex Coronatoria, viz. "When a Man of the Age of Discretion, and compos mentis, unlawfully, publickly or privately, by any external Act of Violence, killeth any reasonable Creature, in rerum Natura, under the King's Protection; Subject, or Alien,Christian, or Heathen, attainted, or not attainted, with Malice forethought, either express or implied; and the Party die of the Wound, or the Hurt, within the Year and the Day, this KILLING is MURDER; and even in the Case of a Feme-Covert, if committed with the Husband, Coercion is no Plea.—Vide 1 Hale, 429, 433, 434.—Bro. Cor. 196.—Fitz. Cor. 323."

BUT the Author of The Conduct of the Paxton-Men impartially represented (from whom the above Quotation respecting the Author of the Narrative is made) not satisfied with having thus exposed his Folly and Ignorance, has had the horrid Impiety to undertake to justify, from Scripture, the Murdering of Persons in cool Blood, even tho' a Man may have pledg'd his Faith to them, and notwithstanding he may at the very Time be receiving from them Acts of Hospitality and Friendship. Permit me to tell you, Reverend Sirs, that when you, or those you are connected with, publish to the World such horrid Doctrines as these, you do yourselves and your Cause more real Disservice than would ever be in the Power of your warmest Adversaries: For every rational humane Being must necessarily hold the Men who can publickly avow such Tenets in the greatest Detestation! And

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