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An Address to the Rev. Dr. Alison - 26

Security of our Colonies, have countenanced such unjust Claims and Pretensions, by passing Grants of the Lands so pretended to have been purchased of the Indians. We therefore taking this Matter into our Royal Consideration, as also the fatal Effects which would attend a Discontent among the Indians in the present Situation of Affairs, and being determined upon all Occasions, to support and protect the said Indians in their just Rights and Possessions, and to keep inviolable the Treaties and Compacts which have been entered into with them. Do hereby strictly enjoin and command, that neither yourself, nor any Lieutenant Governor, President of the Council, or Commander in Chief of our said Province, do, upon any Pretence whatsoever, upon Pain of our highest Displeasure, and of being forthwith removed from your or his Office, pass any Grant or Grants to any Person whatsoever, of any Lands within or adjacent to the Territories possessed or occupied by the said Indians, or the Property or Possession of which has at any Time been reserved to, or claimed by them."—"And it is our further Will and Pleasure, that you forthwith cause these our Instructions to you to be made publick, not only within all Parts of our said Province, inhabited by our Subjects, but also amongst the several Tribes of Indians living in the same; to the End that our Royal Will and Pleasure in the Premises may be known, and that the Indians may be apprized of our determined Resolution to support them in their just Rights, and inviolably to observe our Engagements. G. R.

AND from His Majesty's Proclamation, dated October 7, 1763, is the following Extract, viz. "And whereas great Frauds and Abuses have been committed in the purchasing Lands of the Indians, to the great Prejudice of our Interests, and to the great Dissatisfaction of the Indians; in order therefore to prevent such Irregularities

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