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An Address to the Rev. Dr. Alison - 22

of their having bestow'd £. 5000, in Presents to the Indians, notwithstanding you have so severely censured them on that Account. What the exact Sums were, which these People have expended in Presents to the Indians, I cannot ascertain; tho' I doubt not but they were considerable, as their Contributions to publick Services generally have been: They may perhaps have amounted to the Sum you mention. I am however fully persuaded, that the greatest Benevolence and publick Spirit, were manifested by their Conduct on this Occasion; and the Facts will I think prove it.

A FEW of the Quakers, when they considered the Friendship which had subsisted between the first Settlers of the Province and the Indians; the repeated Acts of Love and Benevolence, which the former had on all Occasions shewn to the latter; the Cordiality and brotherly Union which had continued without ever being broken, from the Dawn of the Colony to the Time of the late Indian Hostilities; were prevailed on to think that some extraordinary Cause must have given Rise to such a Change of Conduct in the Indians, from whom they and their Predecessors had received such Proofs of Humanity and Friendship. They also reflected, that little Security was to be expected in the military Way, as the Disputes between the two Branches of the Legislature, obstructed the Aids that were necessary for that Purpose:* That the

* In Assembly, Saturday, March 25, 1758. A. M.

AN Address from the Trustees and Treasurer of the Friendly Association for regaining and preserving Peace with the Indians by pacific Measures, was presented and read, offering the Loan of a Sum of Money to the Government, for defraying Expences incurred by some late Conferences with Tedyuscung, &c. and such other Expences as may hereafter arise in negotiating Indian Affairs, till further Supplies shall be granted for the public Service.—Ordered, That the Thanks of this House be given to the said Friendly Association for their seasonable and generous Offer.—Resolved, That this House do recommend it to the Provincial Commissioners, to borrow of the said Friendly Association, such Sum or Sums of Money as may be sufficient to answer the present Indian Demands; and that they (the Representatives) will use their Care and Endeavours to secure the Repayment thereof, when further Supplies shall be granted for defraying the Expences of the current Year.

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