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An Address to the Rev. Dr. Alison - 12

seasonable Act of Benevolence! For their Charity you have given them Abundence of Slander and Abuse—And for Brotherly Love and Good Will towards your Society, you have endeavoured to ruin their Reputation as a People with all Mankind.

AND, at the very Time you sent up the £. 150, you mention, to the Frontiers, the Quakers in the Country Meetings also made Collections for the same Purpose, and sent up several Sums of Money to relieve the Distresses of the poor People; and you have acknowleged in one of your former Publications, that some "worthy Individuals (among the Quakers) in the City, contributed on the Occasion." It is true, the Quakers as a Society, did not at this Time raise any Money in the City.—Their Reasons were,—That the Application for Relief was first made to other Societies—to whom it came naturally first, as their People were the Objects in Distress. However, the Quakers in the City, had a Meeting on the Occasion, and upon Enquiry, found that the Sums of Money which had been already collected were so liberal, that they were more than sufficient to answer the present Purpose.— And so it afterwards proved; for a Part of the Money sent up to Cumberland and other Places, remained in the Hands of the Persons to whom sent, undistributed for many Months after.—And yet this did not prevent their resolving (as appears by their Minutes) that they would largely contribute in the Winter Season, when in all Probability, the Distresses of the Frontiers would demand much greater Relief.—In Pursuance of this Resolution, it is well known upwards of £. 500, was subscribed, a Part of it disposed of, and a Part remains for want of Objects: As does likewise a great Part of the Money raised several Years before by your Missionary in Europe for the same Purpose.

THESE were the only Motives that prevented the Quakers from contributing at this Time, as they had done before, to the Relief of the Frontiers. To have added to the Sums then raised for this Purpose, would

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