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An Address to the Rev. Dr. Alison - 11

Proprietary to a Royal Government, as productive of their Ruin, and the great Industry and Pains you have taken to render the latter odious, must have had some Effect with them, and cooled, if not totally alienated the Affections of many from the Person of their Sovereign. For this Peice of Service, his Majesty and Ministry have few others to reward but yourselves, and a noted Church of England Clergyman, who has by uncommon Effrontery repeatedly imposed on the Clergy of Eminence in our Mother Country.—But it is more than probable, that the Time is near when you will all be stripp'd of your borrowed Plumes.—Pardon this Disgression.

IT is I say, a Task no ways agreeable to me, to compare the Conduct of different religious Societies: And yet when the Slanders published by the Ministers of one Sect, render the Comparison necessary for the Vindication of another, there needs but little Apology. I shall therefore lay before you, those Sums of Money which the Quakers have generously bestowed on the Frontier Inhabitants to relieve their Distress, and to restore Peace to our Borders in which those poor People were so much interested.

IN the Year 1755, the Quakers, affected with the Distresses of the Frontier Inhabitants, who were then attacked by the French and Indians, were the only People that sent them any Relief.—They raised in the City of Philadelphia, upwards of Five Hundred Pounds, and faithfully distributed it among them.—The Friends in the Country also join'd in this Charity, and dispatched several Waggon Loads of Provisions for the Subsistence of those who were rendered destitute of the Necessaries of Life. Who were to be relieved?—not Quakers, for you agree the Quakers are chiefly in the three interior Cities. They were People of other Societies, and principally of your own. At this Time your Bowels of Compassion were not even moved,—all your Charity lay fast asleep!—What a grateful Return have you then made for this early and

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