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An Address to the Rev. Dr. Alison - 9

for the Purposes you intended it, and for which they are accountable to the Governor? To prove that you must have been conscious of this, and, that the "Captives were not so shamefully deserted" by the Publick as you represent, but that their not being relieved, was owing to a sudden Turn of Indian Affairs; I shall insert a Copy of a Note sent by one of you to the Secretary, and by him laid before the Commissioners. viz.

Dr. Alison presents his Compliments to Mr. Secretary Shippen, and sends him a Copy of the Minute relating to the Money allotted to the Redemption and Relief of Captives, together with a Copy of the Receipt Mr. Hamilton gave for the same. He would observe on this Matter, that the Money was joined with some Publick Money, put into the Hands of Commissioners, sent to Pittsburgh, to forward down, and to relieve the Captives expected to be restored by the Indians, in Consequence of the Treaty of Lancaster.—But as from the unsuccessful Turn Indian Affairs took, little Room was afforded to lay out the same; it is expected that most of this Sum, lies yet unapplied.

If the Province Commissioners think fit to lay it out for the Relief of the Poor People, who have been delivered up to Colonel Bouquet, and will render such particular Accounts of the same, with former Distributions and Disbursements, as may satisfy the Donors, or otherwise if they will return the Money to be laid out by those who advanced it, they will either Way give Satisfaction.
Jan. 28, 1765.

IN all this Time, it seems you have disposed of but £. 500, and you have lately requested the Governor and Provincial Commissioners to settle the Accounts thereof. What the Amount of the Collection was is uncertain to us; it may have been £. 5000, or more.—You have confessed there is a Ballance remaining in your Hands; which to be sure you will not venture to appropriate to any other

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