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An Address to the Rev. Dr. Alison - 3

such Information, how dare you conceal an Offence of High Treason from the Goverment? Is your Loyalty so faint, and your Virtue so low, as not to be powerful enough to prevail on you to discharge your Duty to your King and your Country?

AFTER making this Charge against the Quakers in general, you descend to say, "at least a Quaker Faction" have done this. Pray inform us how many compose this Faction? If they are numerous, it affords you a better Opportunity of fixing it on some of them, and of bringing them to Justice. If a few, how base and wicked is it in you, Reverend Sirs, to endeavour from the Crimes of a few Individuals, supposing your Accusation to be just, to calumniate the Reputation of a whole Society? Fifty Seven Presbyterian Ruffians attacked the Indians, the antient Friends and Allies of the English, who had been long peaceably settled at Conestogo, a Place far within the inhabited Parts, and barbarously murdered in cool Blood, disarmed Men, helpless Women, and innocent Infants, when on their bended Knees protesting their Innocence, and with uplifted Hands imploring their Lives. Now, would you think it just in the Quakers to impute these horrid Deeds to your whole Society, and publish them to the World in the London Chronicle? I am sure you would not.—But why then, Reverend Sirs, have you so widely deviated from that golden Rule, Do unto others as you would they should do unto you? Think of this Question—Think seriously of it on your Pillows— think of it in your Pulpit and when at Prayers; and, if no Remorse or Penitence is the Effect of your Reflections, your Hearts must be harder than the Nether Mill-stone. For it is written, Who so privily slandereth his Neighbour, him will I destroy." And, "with what Judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged.

I DO not mean to deny, that there are some weak and wicked Men, among the Quakers. There are, and ever will be such among all Societies. Was not this a Truth, the

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