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An Address to the Rev. Dr. Alison - 2

the Accusation is considered, every honest Mind must determine none can be found too severe. The Charge is general, and in the Affirmative, and therefore by the Policy and Reason of all Laws ought to be proved before it is credited; otherwise the most abandoned Wretch, may at any Time take the Life, and ruin the Reputation, of the most innocent and virtuous on his bare Assertion. And indeed, a great Writer observes, that a general Charge in a Libel ought not to be credited, tho' it was supported by the Oath of the Libeller. The Laws of the Land are made to punish Offenders, and no one ought to be publickly disgraced before he has had an Opportunity of vindicating his Innocence. The Crime you accuse this People with is High Treason. The Courts of Justice have ever been open to receive your Informations against them, and the Government ready to inflict the Punishment on Men that deserve it. Had you then the least Proof of the Facts, What Reason can be given, why the same Malice and Ill-will have not prompted you to bring them to Justice, which induced you thus publickly to defame them in your Letter? Your Duty to the Community, and your Loyalty to your Sovereign, should have incited you to the First: The Rules of Morality and the Precepts of the Religion you profess and publickly teach, should have deter'd you from the other. How then shall we account for this Breach of the Duties of Morality and Religion? Why did you not make this Charge before some proper Judicatory, instead of publishing it in a Libel? It must be because you were conscious it sprung from the wicked Invention of your own Brains, and therefore impossible to be supported.

BUT permit me to ask you, when, where, and how was this heinous Offence against your Sovereign and the Government committed by the Quakers? If you cannot tell the Time, Place, or the Manner, were you, or ten Thousand like you, to make the Charge even upon Oath, you must not expect to be credited—And if you can give

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