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An Address to the Rev. Dr. Alison - 1

Rev. Dr. Alison, the Rev. Mr. Ewing, &c.


IN the London Chronicle, No. 1223, is a very extraordinary Letter, dated at Philadelphia, August 22, 1764, which, tho' not sign'd with your Names, carries evident Marks of your being the Authors. I confess it gave me real Concern to find that Men of your holy Function, could cooly and deliberately publish to the World so many defamatory Untruths, as that Letter contains, against a Society of People, whose Merit and virtuous Demeanor, ever since the Settlement of the Colony, had gain'd them the Confidence and Esteem or the Publick. You have therein endeavoured to make the prudent Policy of the Government appear criminal, by wickedly misrepresenting its Transactions; and, having done this, you impute the imaginary Crimes to the Quakers with the uncharitable Design of rendering their Conduct obnoxious to their Sovereign and odious to Mankind.
WITH this View it is, you alledge, That the Quakers have secretly supported the Indians, held Treaties and Correspondence with them, in our Wars, and bestowed on them Arms and Ammunition and Tomhawks, even when they were murdering our Frontier Inhabitants. I am at a Loss what Words to use in remarking on this Charge. I am not fond of using harsh Ones, and yet when the Manner of making it, and the Heinousness of

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