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A Serious Address (First Edition) - 10

Officers insulted; Trade rendered precarious; and every Thing put into Confusion, by a Mob? No certainly!

INSURRECTIONS which had but small Beginnings have often arose to great Heights; Because, when once a Mob have broke through the Limits prescribed by the Laws, ’tis uncertain, how far they will wander in the Fields of Anarchy and Confusion; and what Extravagancies they will run into which at first they did not Design. If these People should take it into their Heads, not to pay Taxes, or not to pay the Proprietaries for their Lands, or the Merchants for their Goods; what would be the Conse­quence? Is it not highly probable, that, to prevent the like, the English Government will oblige us to maintain a Military Force to support the Civil Authority; and dragoon us into our Duty, at our own Expence! The Iron Rod of Military Power must correct those who are deaf to the Voice of Reason and superior to the Fear of the Laws.—Great is the Law, it must, and it will prevail. Whoever thinks himself exempted from the civil Jurisdiction only gnaws a File, which will

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