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A Narrative of the Late Massacres – 27

that Faith; they lived among us, and gave us the Opportunity of murdering them.—However, what was honourable in Moors, may not be a Rule to us; for we are Christians! —They would have been safer it seems among Popish Spaniards, even if Enemies, and delivered into their Hands by a Tempest. These were not Enemies; they were born among us, and yet we have killed them all.—But shall we imitate idolatrous Papists, we that are enlightened Protestants?—They would even have been safer among the Negroes of Africa, where at least one manly Soul would have been found, with Sense, Spirit and Humanity enough, to stand in their Defence: —But shall Whitemen and Christians act like a Pagan Negroe?—In short it appears, that they would have been safe in any Part of the known World,—except in the Neighbourhood of the CHRISTIAN WHITE SAVAGES of Peckstang and Donegall! —
O ye Unhappy Perpetrators of this horrid Wickedness!—Reflect a Moment on the Mischief ye have done, the Disgrace ye have brought on your Country, on your Religion, and your Bible; on your Families and Children! Think on the Destruction of your captivated Country-folks (now among the wild Indians) which probably may follow, in Resentment of your Barbarity! Think on the Wrath of the United Five Nations, hitherto our Friends, but now provoked by your murdering one of their Tribes, in Danger of becoming our bitter Enemies.—Think of the mild and good Government you have so audaciously insulted; the Laws of your King, your

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