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A Letter from Batista Angeloni - 7

ness serve them in that case? and what has been said with respect to their indulging all religions amongst them, is not true, the catholics are excepted: the ill effects of a general naturalization is sensibly felt amongst them, the Germans being at present so numerous that they preserve their language, laws, education, and interest separate, which is no small inconvenience to the country; and would as probably live under a French, as an English government.

I am yours mostly affectionately.


The Cloven-Foot Discovered.

Pray, worthy Friends! observe the Text,
Get Money first, and Virtue next.-----
Nought makes our Carolina Curs
To bark and lie, but Skins and Furs.

Go on good Christians, never spare
To give your Indians Clothes to wear;
Send ‘em good Beef, and Pork, and Bread,
Guns, Powder, Flints, and store of Lead,
To Shoot your Neighbours through the Head;
            Devoutly then, make Affirmation,
You’re Friends to George and British Nation;
Encourage every friendly Savage,
To murder, burn, destroy, and ravage;
Fathers and Mothers here maintain,
Whose Sons add Numbers to the slain,
Of Scotch and Irish let them kill,
As many Thousands as they will,
That you may lord it o’er the Land,
And have the whole and sole command,
            Leave back Inhabitants to starve,
No Love, no Pity, they deserve;

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