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A Letter From a Gentleman in Transilvania to his Friend in America - 4

This intestine disputed prov’d more fatal to the Province, than all the depredations of a foreign Enemy. Such was the cruel, unrelenting disposition of the Lord of the soil, that he wou’d rather see a general Massacre of the Inhabitants of the Land, than suffer one of his calves to be taxed towards protecting them from a foreign foe.

A few of the well affected Natives to the Government, threw themselves under it’s protection, and deliver’d up their Wives and Children as a pledge of their future Fidelity; Lands were assign’d for the maintenance of some, and others were supported at the public expence near the Metrapolis. Such was the state of Transilvania upon my first arrival at the Capital.

I waited upon his Excellency the Waywode, who receiv’d me very politely. He appear’d to be a middle-aged Man of small stature; surrounded with half a Dozen boys who were called Prime Ministers of state; four young Nymps of Circassian breed, and a Calidonian wry necked Musician. The Room was filled with instruments of music. A Violin; a harpsichord; six Bagpipes, and one dozen of Jews Harps. He enquired if I understood Musick; I answer’d, some few Italian Airs upon the Bagpipe. Joy then appear’d upon his countenance, and he immediately have me a general invitation to accompany him either to the chase (as he lov’d a bow and arrow) or concert, every day during my stay at Weissenburgh.

Scarce had two days elapsed, when the City was all in arms, at the news of the Piss--Brute---tarians (a bigoted, cruel, and revengeful sect, sprung

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