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A Humble Attempt at Scurrility - 13

as most openly appeared in its Behalf. But why should our Author, of all Men, be afraid of the “Clamor of Party,” or the “Resentment of Power,” since, according to his own Account,“five Sixths of the People of this Province who have seen his Answer have decided in its Favour,” and since he is assured of having most of the Officers in the Executive Part of Government on his Side?—For they that hold Commissions must not dare, it seems, to act otherwise than as they are directed.

IT is said, however, that “almost all Mr. F’s political Pieces have appeared without a Name, such as, his Preface to Mr. G—y’s Speech, his Cool Thoughts, his Narrative, his Historical Review, and many more, in which he has taken great Freedom with the Characters of others.” But, to have shown that Mr. F—n’s Conduct was similar to our Author’s, he should have produced an Instance of that Gentleman’s having published an anonymous Answer to some Piece that had been published with the Writer’s Name subscribed, and had therein attacked the said Writer’s private Character. As to the Pieces mentioned, they are very far from proving any Thing to the Point.

HIS Preface is an anonymous Answer to Parson Pe—rs’s, Parson S—th’s, Parson Al—on’s, and Parson Ew—n’s anonymous Preface to what was called Mr. Dic—n’s Speech. Yet tho’ he was greatly reflected upon in their Preface, he has but just named the first as it were, and of the second all that he has said, which is any Ways personal, is, “S—h that Poisoner of other Men’s Characters.” And, when ‘tis considered how long Mr. F—n had patiently borne with that prostitute Writer’s Attack on his Character, it is surprising he let him off so gently. The other two Rev. Assassins he has not so much as mentioned in any Thing he has yet wrote.

HIS Cool Thoughts do not contain one single Thing relative to any Man’s Character in the Province, but is a mere Answer to such Objections as had been made against a Royal Government.

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