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A Declaration and Remonstrance - 3

A Declaration [&c.] [of the injured Frontier Inhabitants together with a brief Sketch of Grievances the Inhabitants of the Province labour under.]

INasmuch as the killing those Indians at Conestogo Mannor and Lancaster, has been, and may be the Subject of much Conver­sation; and by invidious Representations of it, which some, we doubt not, will industriously spread, many, unacquainted with the true State of Affairs, may be led to pass a severer Censure on the Authors of those Facts, and any others of those like Nature, which may hereafter happen, than we are persuaded they would if matters were duly understood and deliberated: We think it therefore proper thus openly to declare ourselves, and render some brief Hints of the Reasons of our Conduct; which we must, and frankly do confess nothing but Necessity itself could induce us to, or jutify us in; as it bears an Appearance of flying in the Face of Authority, and is attended with much Labour, Fatigue and Expence.

OURSELVES then, to a Man, we profess loyal Subjects to the best of Kings, our rightful Sovereign GEORGE the THIRD, firmly attached to his Royal Person, Interest and Government: And of Consequence equally opposite to the Enemies of his Throne and Dignity,

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