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What is Sauce for a Goose is also Sauce for a Gander - 6

He lived, as to the Appearance of Wealth,
In moderate Circumstances.
His principal Estate, seeming to consist,
Till very lately,
In his Hand Maid BARBARA
A most valuable Slave,
The Foster-Mother
Of his last Offspring,
Who did his dirty Work,-----
And in two Angelic Females,
Whom Barbara also served,
As Kitchen Wench and *Gold Finder.
But alas the Loss!
Providence for wife, tho’ secret Ends,
Lately depriv’d him of the Mother
His Fortune was not however impair’d,
For he piously withheld from her
The pitiful Stipend of Ten pounds per Annum,
On which he had cruelly suffered her
Then he stole her to the Grave, in Silence,
Without a Pall, the Covering due to her Dignity,
Without a Groan, a Sigh or a Tear
Without a Tomb, or even
A Monumental Inscription.
Reader behold this striking Instance of
Human Depravity and Ingratitude;
An irrefragable Proof,

*We are sorry to give the Reader trouble, but if he will be pleased to consult Dyche’s English Dictionary for his first Definition of Gold Finder, it will Convey the very Idea which he have of the old Women Barbara, the Drs. Hand Maid, Tho’ we cannot help confessing that some Authors have positively asserted that Barbara is that Species of Animal which the Marylanders call a Pomne, the Scots a Gallome: and the English by some other Name. However it be, Posterity are welcome to decide the Controversy.

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