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The Squabble (Second Edition) - 8

Corin well spoke, this actions crowns the scene,
But thou’rt no soldier, if I rightly ween:
They tell me, all the Swains thou canst excell
In whistling gayly or in piping well;
But the stout Crook to wield, and Fold to guard,
Is much, I deem, for thee a task too hard.—
My Dogs are safe, nor fear thy bold decree,
That means to hang them high as yonder tree.
But, by great Pan, whose mighty pow’r I dread,
It shall in troth be as the Shepherd said;
And ’ere his Wolves shall pierce the neighb’ring Wood,
My Dogs shall revel in their smoking blood;
And thus devoted is my heart and hand,
To trample down all Bars, and widen our Command.

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