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The Quakers Assisting to Preserve the Lives of the Indians - 3

at Lancaster by some of the back Settlers----the first Law I find given to Man by the great Legislator was to Noah soon after he came out of the Ark with his Family.

“Who so sheddeth Man’s blood, by Man his blood shall be shed.--Genesis. Chap. 9, 6---This Law is very explicite and condemns all such who premeditates the Death of his fellow Creature, and executes it Voluntarily in cool blood, for it is not possible to construe it otherwise, as there is a positive Command with Directions, how a Murderer shall be put to Death,---not in the malignant Nature of fallen Man, at their own Option, no but quite otherwise; if you will read the 25th Chapter of Numbers, you will find that the Goodness of GOD is there displayed in a wonderful Manner, you will see that he has there given the Law in the most tender and extensive Terms. Not only to the true born Jew, but to the Stranger and to the Sojourner amongst them I see no Difference: but an equal Privilege to both---The Jews were commanded to build six Cities, three on each Side of the Jordan, which were to be called Cities of Refuge.----Those were to be an Asylum or Place of Safty unto every Person that had slain a Man:-----When once fled to those Cities they were not to be punish’d in any Sort until they were brougt to their Tryal before the Judges, which I suppose to be the Sandhackrum so called, which was composed to seventy Men; by which all Matters of Consequence were determined. And when these Judges were seated in the Hall of Judgment, they could not pass Sentence

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