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The Address of the People Called Quakers - 7

ding to be a Messenger from the Ohio, does not mention any Person whatever, nor contain the Charges express’d in the Declaration, and from the Enquiry we have made, we And them groundless and unjust, and utter’d with a View to amuse and inflame the Credulous and to vilify and calumniate us.

The invidious Reflection against a Sect “that have got the Political Reins in their Hands, and tamely tyrannize over the good People of this Province,” tho’ evidently levelled against us, manifests the Authors of these Papers are egregiously ignorant of our Conduct, or wilfully bent on misrepresenting us; it being known, that as a Religious Body, we have by public Advices and private Admonitions, labour’d with, and earnestly desired our Brethern who have been elected on appointed to publick Offices in the Government for some Years past, to decline taking upon them a Task become so arduous, under our late and present Circumstances; and that many have concurred with us in this Resolution is evident by divers having voluntarily resigned their Seats in the House of Assembly, and by others having by public Advertisements signified their, declining the Service, and requesting their Countrymen to choose .others in their Places, and that many have refused to accept of Places in the executive Part of the Government. We are not conscious that as Englishmen and dutiful Subjects we have ever forfeited our Right of Electing or being Elected; but because we could serve no longer in those Stations with Satisfaction to ourselves; many of us have chosen to forbear the Exercise of these Rights, and wish a Disposition

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