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Remarks upon "The Delineated Presbyterian Played Hob With" - 5

Disadvantage; for his whole Performance is one continued Piece of Destraction. The Faults he lays to the Charge of that Gentleman of whom he hath had the Impudence to speak so freely, are all invented by Malice, with a Design to rob him of his honest Fame; but his Character is too well establish’d to be sullied by the invidious Representations of every vagabond Quill-Driver. Our Author accuses him of being a Promoter of Discord, and a bad Member of Society; but these are Faults which cannot, with the least Appearance of Justice, be attributed to him; that he has his Failings as a Man I allow: for Imperfection is the grand Characteristic of sublunary Beings; and as the Poet says,

The ruling Passion, be what it will,
The ruling Passion governs Nature still.

Let us now consider what he says next. “I sincerely hope that the Sentiments of Abhorence of your infamous Piece, which I shall express, will be of so much Service to you, that you will never hereafter prostitute your Pen to any such base Purposes for the sake of any Party whatever at the Expence of

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