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Correspondence Concerning Conestoga Manor (1737-1765)

The following correspondence concerns the sale of tracts of land in Conestoga Manor located in what is today Lancaster County. Manuscripts includes references to squatters occupying Conestoga Indian lands after the 1763 Conestoga Indian massacres and the occupation of a tract by Daniel McCormick as a reward for his service in arresting Thomas Cresap during the border dispute with Maryland known as "Cresap's War." Also of interest is a 1764 letter revealing crop rotation of hemp, barley, wheat, spelt, winter grain and Indian Corn on fields located near Blue Rock Ferry on the Susquehanna River. Among the names of those purchasing tracts in Conestoga Manor are Robert Beaty, George Adam Durstler, John Heer (Herr), Christian Heer(Herr), Rudy Herr, Samuel Herr, Michael Kauffman, M. Mather, John Mitchel, Abraham Miller, Jacob Miller, John Miller, Samuel Neilson, John Ross, M. Scott, Jacob Whistler, Jacob Whitman, Jacob Whitmore and John Whitmore. Original letters available at the Pennsylvania State Archives.

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