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Cool Thoughts on the Present Situation of Our Public Affairs - 12

been heartily tir’d of each other) were, by the Interposition of the Legislature, fairly divorc’d for ever, and the Property of the Whole vested in the Crown.*” And the above-mention’d injudicious and unjust Act, against the Privileges of Dissenters, was repeal’d by the King in Council.

Another Historian tells us, “Their intestine Distractions, and their foreign Wars, kept the Colony so low, that an Act of Parliament, if possible to prevent the last ruinous Consequences of these Divisions, put the Province under the immediate Care and Inspection of the Crown.||”

And Governor JOHNSON, at his first meeting the Assembly there, after the Change, tells them, “His Majesty, out of his great Goodness and Fatherly Care of you, and at the earnest Request and Solicitation of your selves, has been graciously pleased, at great Expence, to purchase seven Eights of the late Lords Proprietaries Charter, whereby you are become under his immediate Government; a BLESSING and SECURITY we have been long praying for, and solicitous of; the good Effects of which we daily experience by the Safe-

* New and accurate Account of Carolina, p. 14. Printed at London, 1733.
|| Account of the British Settlements in America. Page 233. concerning Carolina.

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