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An Historical Account of the Late Disturbance - 4

hourly arriving of their nearer Approach, Orders were sent to all the Ferrys on the River Schuylkil, to stop them by cutting away the Ropes and sinking their Boats, which greatly impeded their March, and about Four Hundred cross’d the River about fourteen Miles North of the City at a Place call’d the Swedes Ford. Upon which being the Second Day of the Week, and the Sixth of the same Month, a Number of the Inhabitants of the City and others appeared under Arms, the Barracks and Streets lin’d with Cannon, and nothing was expected but the doleful Scene of War. Among the rest were the People call’d Friends, prepared with Arms like Spartans brave, striding forth with Gigantic Pace to defend their Laws and Liberty, more precious than Life, let it be Recorded in the Annals of after Ages in LETTERS of GOLD.

ON the Seventh Day of the same Month an Express arrives, informing that the Advanced Guard, amounting to near two Hundred Men, had come into Germantown, whereupon a Council was held, in which it was determined that they should be met in Order to know their Demands, and why

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