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An Historical Account of the Late Disturbance - 3


The following Relation might be acceptable to many of my Readers, being intended impartially as near the Truth as it hath come to my Knowledge. At Philadelphia on the third Day of the Second Month 1764. GEORGE the THIRD then happily Reigning. John Penn, Esq; Governor of Pennsylvania. Tidings came from the North of a great Number of Men, who had assembled themselves in Arms, and were actually on their March for the said City, in order to take their Revenge on a Number of poor wretched Savages, then in the Barracks of said City, under the Protection of the Government, however, just their Cause might have been in Pointing out such of them as were actually Murderers (who would have been try’d by Law, and received their Destiny) yet to fly in the Face of Government whereon very [sic] Individual and in short our All depends, must be productive of very dangerous and fatal Consequences.

HWOBEIT [sic] Philadelphia at this Time prov’d not to be the Lancaster, expresses daily and

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