Gmail sign up, Gmail signup guide, How to create a Gmail account?

Gmail sign up, you can use all Google services such as Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Google Drive … After you have created your Gmail account you will want to access it by performing a Gmail login.

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What is Gmail?

Google launched Gmail after Hotmail and Yahoo, however, Gmail has become the most commonly used email service. Sign up for Gmail is free.

You can sign up for multiple Gmail accounts and use just one phone number to confirm multiple Gmail accounts. With Gmail, you can store mail up to 15G. About privacy, there is no need to worry because Google is always one of the safest online service providers today.

Having a Gmail account sign up will help you:Note:

Gmail signup - How to create a new Gmail account?

- Step 1: Signing up a Google account is absolutely free, and you can create a new Gmail account by going to and following the easy step-by- step procedure on clicking "Create an account".
gmail-signup button
- Step 2: In the Gmail sign up Form, you enter all the information that are required by form
Guide to fill in information:After you complete the information requested by Gmail, you click Next.

- Step 3: Set your personal profile. You can set it immediately or put it aside. Press Next
- Step 4: Click Continue to go to You will be redirect to your Gmail inbox immediately. Congratulate! You’ve successfully create Gmail account. From now on, you can login Gmail and use Gmail to send and receive emails.

Infographic - Gmail sign up step-by-step

You have successfully created your Gmail account. Here are some other helpful guides.

How to change your Gmail password?

In experts’s opinion, you should change Gmail password at 2-3 month. Google – father of Gmail – also encourages that the user should change Google account’s password regularly. If you want to change Gmail’s password, you can refer to tips below.

The notes which you need to care when change to passwordChange or reset your Google Account password Click to the button below:

change gmail password

Enter to information which Google requests. Another way:Note: the new password must have 8 characters at least. You should mix capital characters and numbers and symbols… to security password. You shouldn’t use simple password as :12345678, your name, your birthday, your number phone…
  1. Then, you press the button : “Change password”.
  2. After change to Gmail password successfully, you will be cameback to the setting account page.
The next time when you access to Gmail,  remembering to use new password ! Successfully! Note: If you forget  your password, you can press link "Recover your Gmail password".

How to change the displayed name in Gmail?

Instructions on how to change the displayed name in Gmail. If you want to change the current name of your Gmail account. For some reasons, you want to change the name displayed on outgoing messages from Gmail (Gmail name), then see the instructions below for renaming.

Method 1: Rename Gmail name only

Step 1: Sign in your Gmail account. Access to the following URL:

Step 2: Click on the Edit information ( edit info).

Step 3: Click the circle under the Gmail name you are using and enter your new Gmail name in the box beside. Then click Save Changes. So, you've already changed your name displayed on messages sent from Gmail!

Method 2: Rename Google plus name

Step 1: Access to your Google Plus through the following URL:

Step 2: Click Home -> Profile

Step 3: Click your name to edit

Step 4: Click "More options"

Step 5: Enter your new Google account (Gmail). See how your new Gmail name will be displayed in "Display my name as". Then click Save.

Step 6: A new window appears, click the Rename button to confirm!

Good luck!

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