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The Quakers Assisting to Preserve the Lives of the Indians - 16

From the dark Regions of the infernal night.
Hath spread ev’ from the Earth to the Skye.
But must again to the Dark Regions flye.
I have presum’d my Neighbours Cause to plead,
By act of Justice thus to Interceede,
And vindicate the Actions of the Brave,
Who ventur’d all their Neighbours Lives to save,
The Blessing of the Gods on them may fall,
When Tyrants shall be destitute of all,
And those poor Creatures that now vent in Pride,
The Time may come that the’ll be laid aside.
Those Actions that are worthy of all praise,
The heavy Hands and drooping Hearts will raise,
And help their Thoughts that they ascend on high,
To the blest Region through the Starry Skye,
And there implore the Fountain of all good,
To put a stop to the shedding of Man’s blood,
Where no Conviction can be pleas’d upon,
Nor no Transgression that they have ever done.
My fellow Subjects let us join and pray,
Unto that GOD that Rules both Night and Day,
That he be pleas’d to put away the Cause,
Why wicked Men do break his Righteous Laws,
And give Repentance to the Sinner great,
That doth his Laws and blessed Statues break,
That in this World they may Repentance find,
And not hereafter be to Hell resign’d.


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