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A Letter From a Gentleman in Transilvania to his Friend in America - 9

this shou’d happen; the Piss--Brute---tarians were not the tenth of his Subjects, and consequently cou’d not support him against the other nine;-----that if he made an impartial distribution of places of Profit and Honor in the Government, and estblish’d them in all their equitable demands, the Emperor wou’d have no objection towards the continuing of him in his Vice-Royality; no complaints cou’d have any weight against him, his Character wou’d appear fair at Court, and perhaps save him the expence and trouble of a long Journey to defend himself.

As to the Assertonians, the taking of them into his favour, in imitation of many of his worthy Predecessors, wou’d perhaps, effectually regain their Friendship; make them drop the prosecution of their Appeal; and as they are above one fifth part of the Inhabitants, they are no contemptable body to disoblige. Pottonius, (who appears to be singled out) is a Gentleman, who has remarkably distinguish’d himself this twenty Years past, for his Integrity, in faithfully discharging him above for the fear or affection of Mankind, in the destribution of Justice; and therefore he does your Excellency as much as honor in accepting of the Commission, as you can do him in giving it. As to those of the Emperor’s Religion, it is well know that two of their Priests; and a number of their People, who either hold Offices in reality under you, or live in expectation of them, in this Metrapolis, have gone greater

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